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MUSEUM SHOP / ミュージアムショップ


Sale of Tetsuro Fukuhara Works / 福原哲郎作品販売

From Photographic Collection “Glorification of Elena”
/ 写真集『エレナ礼賛』より

Each work is A3 wide sizehorizontal 48.2 cm x vertical 32.8 cm“. Output as an original work with an additional design attached. Framed. Date and signature. The price is 40.000 Japanese yen. In addition, shipping fee is required. Japan Post charges are applied in Japan, and FedEx charges are applied overseas. We also accept special orders for larger sizes. If you would like to purchase, please contact ““. We will inform you of the detailed purchase method.

各作品とも、サイズは、{A3のび、ヨコ48.2cm × タテ32.8cm」。付加的デザインを添付しオリジナル作品として出力。日付・サイン入り。額入り。価格40.000円。その他に要・郵送料。日本国内は日本郵便料金、海外はフェデックス(FedEx)料金による。より大きなサイズの特別注文も承ります。購入希望者は「」までお問合せください。詳しい購入方法をお知らせします。

“VISION of BODY / 身体の夢”

[Hard Cover / ハードカバー版]

“VISION of BODY” has been published  in hard cover by pompka Foundation on 2019. 191 pages. By English and Polish. 1,100 Japanese yen.

ハードカバー版。2019年、pompka Foundation出版。191ページ。英語 & ポーランド語版。1,100円。

[Digital Text / デジタルテキスト版]

“VISION of BODY” has bee enlarged as a digital text by English and Japanese. 2,500 Japanese yen.

デジタルテキスト版。ハードカバー版の増補版。英語 & 日本語版。2,500円。



Masato Sasaki
Professor of The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Education in Tokyo, Japan

Dance is an exploration of expressions connecting the universe and the ground. Tatsumi Hijikata finished the first step, Tetsuro Fukuhara is doing the second step.



Osamu Sakura
Professor of The University of Tokyo, Interfaculty Initiative
in Information Studies in Tokyo, Japan

Tetsuro Fukuhara’s thought that emphasis on physicality is quite agreeable. Living creatures will not be established unless we think it as a set with the environment. Also, human beings.

◎INQUIRY / 問合わせ
Tetsuro Fukuhara (Director of Tokyo Space Dance);

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