FESTIVAL SPACE DANCE Online / フェスティバル・スペースダンス・オンライン


We will present “FESTIVAL SPACE DANCE Online 2020” as the online project on September this year through the results of “My SPACE DANCE” which has been uploaded on “SD-School“(https://www.facebook.com/tae2070/).

In this project we edited the character of SPACE DANCE with the following “4 Chapters” and for expanding a concept of SPACE DANCE as much as possible, we plan to prepare 2 promotion videos for “4 Chapters” by Tetsuro Fukuhara and Ayumi Toyabe at the end of June.

We hold this festival every year in cooperation with “SPACE DANCE SCHOOL” as live project, and train space dancers around the world with enough time, slowly. Then, we form “New Stage for Expression and Interchange” unaffected by the trend of the times.

SD-School』(https://www.facebook.com/tae2070/)に投稿された『My SPACE DANCE』の成果を通して『フェスティバル・スペースダンス・オンライン2020』を構成し、9月にOnlineプロジェクトとして発表します。




Chapter 1 “Affordance”

[Video / 動画]

The body keeps one unity with the environment, so we can’t handle the body independently. At first, on this chapter, dancers study the way how to handle the body well. Dancers organize their body as the “object“, not as the subject, then they clear the senses, and they try to get back an amicable relationship between body and space. In this dance, if dancers can feel that they don’t dance alone, the space dance together with them, in that time its dances are successful.



[Video / 動画]

Dancers make a “Most gentle walking in the world” forming the amicable relationship between the feet and the ground. Dancers move the attention back to the memory of the far past and reminisce the moment when the humans realized the “Miracle of the Bipedalism” by two legs, and experience the “Feeling as starting the humans again“. In order to deepen its experience, dancers try to quest, prepare the tools if they feel a necessity, and make a more unique way of walking as a dance.



[Video / 動画]

Dancers don’t consume all energy which flow in the body and dare to select “Little Moving” controlled the dance, then they experience the world of the energy which expand like a snowball, so they never feel tired. And, dancers know the “Hidden Unknown Movement’s World” in dance movements, then they touch the top of dance by the continuation of “Little Moving” and realize “PARADISE, freedom possible all movements in all directions” with a big joy. Dancers touch a climax of dance and get back the “Wildness” lost in our life.


Chapter 4 “FLOWER”

[Video / 動画]

How to do to end our dance? “Everything that starts” has the “End” sure. And on this theme we add one more theme as “Design for the Death” to show how to end our life. How do we want to die? Beyond the end of “Death” we can expect the beginning of “Next Life“. Dancers sit down quietly and lie down, and look back upon the joys and sorrows they have ever experienced, then, as a ritual, and as a “Flower“, they celebrate the beginning and the end, death and rebirth.


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