/ スペースダンスワークショップ & 公演

We operate “SPACE DANCE SCHOOL” withSPACE DANCE WORKSHOP & Performance” as live project and with “SD-School” & “FESTIVAL SPACE DANCE Online” as online project.

スペースダンススクール」を、『スペースダンスワークショップ & 公演』をライブプロジェクトとして、『SDスクール』と『フェスティバルスペースダンス・オンライン』をオンラインプロジェクトとして運営します。


■ Mission / ミッション

Through “SPACE DANCE SCHOOL” we will bring up “International Space Dancers” for the space dance project and for opening SPACE MUSEUM around the world.


[Space Dance Workshop & Performance Promotion Video


■What is Space Dance? / スペースダンスとは?

Space Dance is a dance with a concept of “Dance & Design” which recover the amicable relationship between the body and the space. The purpose of Space Dance is creating several designs after the dances.

スペースダンスは、「ダンス & デザイン」をコンセプトとし、身体と空間との親和的関係を回復させ、ダンスの後に新しいデザインを誕生させることを目的としています。

Tetsuro Fukuhara created Space Dance on 2001 when he performed at the United Nations in New York supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan through his epochal experiences by the meeting with Artist, Shusaku Arakawa and the “Theory of Affordance” from 1994.


The essence of Space Dance is computerize the “Amicable relationship  Body and Space, or between Body and Object” as “Tacid Knowledge“. Similarly, it is to visualize the “Lost Memory” recovered at that time as an “Image“. For this purpose we adapt the collaboration by “Dance + Architecture + Information + Design“.


The definition of Space Dance by Tetsuro Fukuhara is like the below;


The body is not a tool for expressing a story, the body is a story.


In any time the excellent dancer in the world keeps the ability to dance with a “Special dance technique to organize the body as the object“. In Space Dance we study this dance technique. Then we try to recover the memory beyond humans through our dance and we accumulate its result as the tacit knowledge about the body.


Our “Feet” always are connected to the ground with one gravity. Our human in our daily life forget this fact. But when we dance with a dance technique to organize our body as the object, the relationship between our feet and the grand will be clear and we can get back a familiar feeling between the body and the earth. 


In this time when we dance together with the earth we can recognize some strange new feeling happen around the temporal lobe of “Brain“. Why? Because it is a first experience for our brain to move our body with such a strange new way. 


In order to experience for the first time, the “Brain” also needs to acquire a new power. Its experience is like a dancer exploring the universe through the earth as dancer’s “Second Body“, just as a blind person explores the ground through person’s favorite stick as “Second Body”.


Our brain keeps all memories about all life on our earth. Because our brain into the Mother’s womb during 10 months grow up through the process of evolution of the brain from the beginning to today’s human brain. So, in our dance movements too, sometime we can find other strange movements of all life through these memories.


So in Space Dance when we try to dance to organize our body as the object we can touch several “Forgotten Memories” sometimes with a wave motion of the internal organs, sometimes with a sound of the bone, and sometimes with an excitement of the nerve. In that time we can feel a new feeling in our brain, then under this influence we can find the unexperienced movements by chance. In short we can stimulate several “Forgotten Memories”.


“Forgotten Memories” wake up a strong nostalgia in our mind. And this nostalgia gives new energy to us. Then we understand “New unknown movement’s world” exists behind our usual human’s movements.


This energy continue without the end. When we dig up “Forgotten Memories” we can organize the unexpected movements based on each memories. We shake with its freshness and we are amazed by ourselves. Then we start to talk a new story for our dance beyond the humans drama.


Usually, very soon, our human feel tired in our movements without this energy. But when we house this energy we get the lasting energy from the circulation between the body and the ground, then it arise like the growth of a “Snowball“. We never feel tired.


Like that in Space Dance we dig up “Forgotten Memories” and we expand “New unknown movement’s world”, then we try to express “New unknown movement’s world” as “History of Postures Evolution with Fish, Amphibia, Quadruped Animal, Bird, Monkey, and Human“. 


We can describe that “History of Postures Evolution” had started from a ameba without hands and feet. Then now “History of Postures Evolution” meets one peak by human with a bipedal walker.


Why “History of Postures Evolution” is important for Space Dance? Because the purpose of Space Dance is the looking back on the past of all life, and the creation for “Future of Humans Body” as a return from its retrospection.


Then we develop “Body-Space Model” which is necessary for the informatization of the tacid knowledge. And using this model we create a visualization of “History of Postures Evolution” as the image. And we make an information of “New unknown movement’s world”. Finally we try to create various designs through the tacid knowledge for the new body, the new object, and the new space.


Like that, in Space Dance we can create the new designs after our dance. For these works we use “Space Tube” as our needed installation.


“Space Tube” is a closed “Soft Space” using by special cloth, not an opened “Hard Space” like our modern architecture. So, in “Space Tube” the dancer’s body movements can cope to the shape of the space as the very familiar relationship. Then, in “Space Tube” we can express dancer’s  “the tacit knowledge” as the information very easy.


Then, Space Dance will be very different from usual dances, Space Dance will be just a work of “Design after Dance“.



■6 Chapters of Space Dance Workshop / 

We hold “Space Dance Workshop” with 6 chapters of “Body Foundation + Affordance + Beginning + Development + Change + Ending“.

スペースダンスワークショップを「身体基礎 + アフォーダンス + 起(き) + 承(しょう) + 転(てん) + 結(けつ)」の6章により構成し、スペースダンサーとしての基礎を鍛えます。

Chapter 1 “Body Foundation” / 
第1章 『身体基礎』

We make the waist soft and all joints of our body soft to keep the center of the body, and we increase efficiency of energy circulation between the body and the space.


Chapter 2 “Affordance” / 
第2章 『アフォーダンス』

We organize our body as the object, not as the subject. Also we try to get back a familiar relationship between our body and space, or some object near our body, for example a pillar, a handrail, and so on. Through these efforts we can get a feeling of “Animism” which realize the unity with others and we can start our dance by reliance upon others, not by our own exertions. And we can construct a dance with an idea or a technic called Affordance, in this dance we can feel that we don’t dance, the space or the object dance together with us.


Chapter 3 “Beginning / 起(ki)〜Birth of Foot第3章 『起(き)~足の発生』

At first, we sit upright and calm down. Next step, we stand up very slowly to activate our sense and to revive some memory with a strange feeling. Through this standup we can feel as if our foot just now growth entirely. Still more, we dance slowly and find the suitable movements as if we wonder in the darkness to become acute all senses and to increase various memories.


Chapter 4 “Development / 承(shoo)〜Creation of Postures” / 第4章 『承(しょう)~姿勢の創造』

In succession of “Beginning / 起(ki)”, at first we recognize that when we start something, sure, it should come to an end. And we try to develop dance movements as “Creation of Postures” which we want naturally. Also same time we try to choice our favorite memory through other many sundry memories and we try to take a focus with it. Then, finally we can aim to reach the “Climax” of dance movements. In this “Climax” we can renew our feelings to the world, and we can behave freely in all directions, and we can feel that just now we get most active life.


Chapter 5 “Change / 転(ten)〜Catharsis” / 
第5章 『転(けつ)~カタルシス』

In succession of “Development / 承(shou)”, at first we change a dance stage, then we try to make a same dance of Chapter 4. However, on chapter 5 we aim to reach “Catharsis” beyond “Climax“. We can find “Catharsis” as a final station of our dance when we go through “Climax”. We try to make our dance until when we can think this my dance will be a best “Creation of Postures”, then as a result we get the finest happiness.


Chapter 6 “Ending / 結(ketsu)〜End of Foot” / 第6章 『結(けつ)~足の終わり』

In succession of “Change / 転(ten)”,  we squat down very slowly, and we sit down, next lie down, finally we rest with our closed eyes, then we accomplish “Catharsis”. In this scene we organize the best several feelings as if we finish our foots, and as if we start our preparation to step up our life as a “Post Human“. Finally we enjoy a last feeling to wait a new sunrise of a new world.



■8 Chapters of Space Dance Performance / 

We hold “Space Dance Performance” with following 8 chapters based on the result of “Space Dance Workshop” together with the participants.


Chapter 1 “MEMORY” / 第1章『記憶』

Dancers stand up on a stage and dance with a relaxed way by “technique for handling the body objectively“, and they circulate the energy between the body and the space. Then, dancers experience that “Lost Memories” accumulated in the brain revive together with the dance movements. And, dancers stand still and internalize more, then amplify the memories, finally fill with the memories just overflowing the body.


Chapter 2 “WALKING DANCE” /

Dancers make a “Most gentle walking in the world” forming the amicable relationship between the feet and the ground. Dancers move the attention back to the memory of the far past and reminisce the moment when the humans realized the “Miracle of the Bipedalism” by two legs, and experience the “Feeling as starting the humans again“. In order to deepen its experience, dancers try to quest, prepare the tools if they feel a necessity, and make a more unique way of walking as a dance.



Dancers don’t consume all energy which flow in the body and dare to select “Little Moving” controlled the dance, then they experience the world of the energy which expand like a snowball, so they never feel tired. And, dancers know the “Hidden Unknown Movement’s World” in dance movements, then they touch the top of dance by the continuation of “Little Moving” and realize “PARADISE, freedom possible all movements in all directions” with a big joy. Dancers touch a climax of dance and get back the “Wildness” lost in our life.


Chapter 4 “OPEN a BODY in the SKY” / 

Dancers take off a jacket and play a “Suppressed Beauty Scene” as a ceremony to be born again as a “New Life Form“. The audiences see the sight that dancer’s naked back will be visible very slowly like the big moon is climbing from the edge of the mountain. Dancers release their bodies in the sky and store the necessary wisdom for a “New Journey“.



Dancers come into Space Tube and push their faces against the cloth of Space Tube at an angle of 45 degrees. For the audiences, they see this scene as one face with “Three-dimensional face of dancers that can be seen through” and “Two-dimentional face of dancers as a shadow”. This scene is an indication to the existence of “Surplus Dimension” in Space Tube. Dancers know there are many things that have disappered from our world in Surplus Dimension, also “Four-dimensional existence” and “Five-dimensional existence” live together there. 

ダンサーは、スペースチューブの中に入り、自分の顔を45度の角度でスペースチューブの布に押し付けます。観客には「透けて見えるダンサーの三次元の顔」と「影として見えるダンサーの二次元の顔」が一つの顔として重なって見えます。このシーンは、スペースチューブの中には余剰次元が励起することへの暗示です。ダ ンサーは、余剰次元には世界から消えた多くのものが存在し、「4次元の存在」と「5次元の存在」が同居していることを知ることができます。

Chapter 6 “STRANGE FRUIT” / 

Dancers entrust themselves to Space Tube and feel that Space Tube is expanded as their “Second Body“, and they know that “Floating” can be easy with this sense. So, dancers float and get back various lost their memories, then according to the memories revived their bodies repeat the transformation like the fluid body, they become to Fish, to Amphibian, to Quadrupted Animal, and to Bird


Chapter 7 “AFFINITY” / 

Dancers repeat one favorite dance endlessly. Then dancers can hear one “Music” which they loved it when in the long time ago. It is a shout of distant familiar animals accumulated in their brains. In the head of dancers, old memories and new memories compete, and the gaps pass through the neurons and hear it as “Unknown micro current change = Music“. 


Chapter 8 “FLOWER” / 

How to do to end our dance? “Everything that starts” has the “End” sure. And on this theme we add one more theme as “Design for the Death” to show how to end our life. How do we want to die? Beyond the end of “Death” we can expect the beginning of “Next Life“. Dancers sit down quietly and lie down, and look back upon the joys and sorrows they have ever experienced, then, as a ritual, and as a “Flower“, they celebrate the beginning and the end, death and rebirth.


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