We are challenging to develop “APAROS – AI Robot as My Alter Ego” using “Body-Space Model“.

This challenge is a trial to express “History of Posture’s Evolution, Fluid Furniture APAROS, Secretary Robot APAROS, Robot Suit APAROS, Humanoid APAROS, APAROS for sending to Space” as “Images“, “Secretary Robot APAROS” as “Search Robot on website“, and develop “Fluid Furniture APAROS, Robot Suit APAROS, Humanoid APAROS, APAROS for sending to Space”  as “Real Robots“.

For promoting the above trial, we hold “Space Dance Design Workshop 1-7” by a collaboration with 4 fields of “Dance, Architecture, Information, and Design” at the university, the design school, the corporate design department, and the institution.

※The development plan of “APAROS – AI Robot as My Alter Ego” is based on the experience with Tetsuro Fukuhara as a representative researcher to divert JAXA’s articulated robot as a care robot that implemented on 2004-2006 at JAXA in Tokyo. We hold its first presentation at Kopernik Science Center in Warsaw, Poland on September 2018. The belolw is a video record that we presented “Articulated Robot to learn the movements of Space Dancer – Movement + Program + Robot” at National Museum of Emerging Science & Inovation in Tokyo, Japan on September 2004.

Articulated Robot to learn the movements of Space Dancer”
at National Museum of Emerging Science & Inovation


We can realize the “Amicable relationship between Body and Space” in Space Tube easy.

[Space Tube Experience by Kids]

We lost our body balance in Space Tube, but when we trust it, it will give us “New Body Balance” on a scale beyond our expectations. In that time, we, with a condition of a little flating, in other words in some less gravity environment, can try to create the several postures. This new body experience will be interesting, useful, and important in our information society where the decrease in phisical experiences is a concern and in the present time of the space age. Because this experience promote our physical activity on the ground, also helps phisical support at less gravity environment in space.



We constitute the relation between “Human’s movements in Space Tube” and “Space Tube” as “Body-Space Model”. “Body-Space Model” is a program to express the amicable relationship between Body and Space. Why we need AI Program for “Body-Space Model”? Because we need to make Space Tube to learn many “Human’s movements”. Then we need to Space Tube to reproduce the stored “Human’s movements”, and make to Space Tube to develop the new “Human’s movements” which are unexpected for them.

[Image of APAROS]

We can develop this kind of robot as a “Robot with a Mind“. We feel wonderful and familiar feelings to APAROS whenever APAROS demonstrates the ability to learn, reproduce, and develop, we will enter into a more intimate relationship with APAROS. Because APAROS develops our unknon and attractive body movements that we din’t know before, it gives us a sense that APAROS will fulfill our unconscious desires. Also, APAROS grows with our evaluation as the only food and increases the accuracy of the ability. 

Previous robots didn’t have this kind of ability to adjust “Resilience against Forced power from the Outside” which the human’s body unconsciously exerts when the robot exercises force to human beings. Therefore, the exercise of the force by the robot is perceived as a one-way passenger to the humans, so it is causing the instinctive sense of discomfort. This point is still the biggest reason why nursing robots can’t spread to the world even now. But, APAROS can harmonize our repulsive power and eliminate discomfort. This is a new way of emerging robot that incorporates human’s reactions internally and its social significance is great. By APAROS, it is possible to drastically alleviate passive emotions against robots hidden by the humans.

In the meaning of having a “Structure that works in response to our reactions”, rewriting the program given at the beginning by APAROS, and distributing a form of mutual consideration with us, APAROS is a “Robot with a Mind” as a first issue. In short, APAROS will be our irreplaceable “Aleter Ego“.

When we realize to develop APAROS and when APAROS start to support our life, we can start a completely “New life” that didn’t exist in our human history. People always live with APAROS and depend on APAROS to improve our lives. And if we connect multiple APAROS, a new network will be formed even in the world of goods, and things become familiar friends as “Alter Ego” of humans, and humans start new conversations with things.

We think everyone keep the nostalgic memories about their last homes such as boys and girls’ generation. But, at this time only humans remember their house as their familiar hometown, and their home don’t remember humans. So, when they visit these home if it remember them and if it says to them “Hello, I remember you!”, in that time what kind of amazement will happen in our minds? It is not that there is only a memory device called brain only in human beings, but the home also has its own independent memory device, and it exist independently by themselves.

Also, if our chairs that we usually use remember us, what kind of things will happen in our minds? And, if our chair says “I feel nice when you sit on me, but your posture today is a bit strange,” we know that the chairs also take care of our posture as soon as we discover that, our attitude toward furniture will change completely. If things are “Alter Ego” of human beings, humans can’t randomly develop things with the same sense as before, and can’t abandon them poorly.

If we spread such APAROS to the society, we can fundamentally reform the artificial environment created by the humans. Also in space development, it is not necessary to bring the architectural and design products developed on the earth at one gravity condition. We can plan a new design according to the gravity environment under a recognition of “If gravity changes, the body changes. So, we need a design according its change“.

The above design fruits in space can be reutilized on the ground. As its one example, we pursue a new design for “New Generation Office” including “Fluid Furniture”.

[Bilgi Unversity, and Yasar University 2018-2019]







Space Dance based on AFFORDANCE

As a preparation of “Space Dance Design Workshop” we study Space Dance based on AFFORDANCE. In Space Dance the environment supports the dance. We don’t want to maka a dance by ourselves. We dance, by being intergrated with the space or the objects,  together with the space or the object. It is not the dancer but the “Relationship between the dancer and the space or the object” determines the dance movement.

[Design Workshop 1]
4 Rooms

We design “4 Rooms, Balance & Posture, Light & Darkness, Real & Virtual, Contemplation & Healing” using Space Tube, lighting system, sound system, generating smell, and video camera & projector. Through 4 Rooms, people can experience Space Tube in many ways from the view points of Art, Science, Information, and Healing.

[Design Workshop 2]
Image of Robot Suit APAROS

We design “Robot Suit APAROS” as a part of Space Tube was cut for personal use.  “Robot Suit APAROS” take away our body balance, but when we trust it, it will give us “New Body Balance”. And by the effect of “Body-Space Model” with AI program “Robot Suit APAROS” learn our movements and reproduce it, also develop our unexpected new movements that manifests our unconscious sleep desires.

[Design Workshop 3] 
Visualization of History of Posture’s Evolution


MASK; Joanna & Maciej Biegansky


In Space Tube we can experience a nostalgic feeling as if we return back to the mother’s womb and we can get back several lost memories when we were the animals far away. Focus on the dancer’s movements to promote recovery of the memories in Space Tube, we design “History of Posture’s Evolution, Fish, Amphibia, Quadrupted Animal, Bird, Monkey, and Human” as the visualization using “Body-Space Model”.

[Design Workshop 4] 
Image of Surplus Dimension




Image of Surplus Dimension

Inside Space Tube, a beautiful “Boundary” of space is formed in the center part, where we can experience a fantastic sense that “Lost Animals, Dear Dead People, and Aliens” will appear. Considering the structural relationship between our world and surplus dimension with the reference to the theoretical physicist Lisa Randall’s surplus dimension theory, we design “Various Existences living in Surplus Dimension” fantasically.

[Design Workshop 5]
Image of Fluid Furniture APAROS




MEF University; Sami Yucel, Berra Bay


We design “Fluid Furniture” using “Body-Space Model” through a collaboration between the dancer and the chair in Space Tube. “Fluid Furniture” is expressed as an image in which the humans and the furniture are intergrated by an excessive increase in affinity. And, it is designed as a “New Furniture” that has the function of forming the several new postures “Between Standing and Sitting” and “Between Sitting and Lie Down“. Also, it is designed as a chair and same time as a bed.

[Design Workshop 6]
Living Room on Moon and Mars at Less-Gravity Environment



MEF University; Alparslan Turan, Aybike Senkaya, Hayrunnisa Bilgin


MEF University; Merve Akdogan

We design “Living Room” on Moon and Mars at less-gravity environment assuming that the humans will start to live on Moon and Mars in the near future. As we know, our earth has one gravity, Moon has 1/6 gravity, and Mars has 1/3 gravity, It is expected that our body itself will change on Moon and Mars. For example, at non-gravity environment our body is completely floating, so the walking is impossible. So, if we have been in this condtition for many years, our foot that was essential for the walking may start to degenerate because it is unnecessary, and it may eventually disappear or be reborn as a new hand. In this way, what kind of furniture and living room will be needed for daily life for the body that is expected to receive a big transformation? So, maybe there is not doubt that furniture and living room designed for the body grown under the gravity on earth can’t be used in space. While imagining the above, we try to design a new living room in response to chages in the gravity environment.

[Design Workshop 7]
New Generation Office

We construct “Space Cube” as a compact form of Space Tube utilizing the experiences of the above design workshop 1-6, then we design “New Generation Office” for the young generation who works at Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and so on. If we can setup Space Cube at the house and office for the adults and kids, they can get Space Tube Experience easy everyday. Also, today’s young generation who want dairy physical  training and want to give a break to turn on and off for their works, if they setup Space Cube at their office, it will be convenient, they don’t need to go to the studio after leaving their office.

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