Molecular Biology has developed greatly and has made a great contribution to our world since the DNA genetic model was revealed to be a double helical structure in 1953. If we can express amicable but mysterious relationships between the body and the environment as “Visible Information” like DNA, we can realize same kind of revolution, then the outcome goes beyond the art world, affecting the whole society. And, we believe that we can make a revolution similar to Molecular Biology. we would like to shoulder one part of it through our Space Dance.

1953年にDNAの遺伝子モデルが二重螺旋構造である事が明らかにされて以来、分子生物学は大きな発展を遂げ、私たちの世界に偉大な貢献をもたらすようになりました。私たちは、もし身体と環境の間で交わされている親密な、そして謎に満ちた関係をDNA のような「見える情報」として表現できるなら、その成果はアートの世界を超え、社会全体に影響を与えるものとなり、分子生物学と同様な革命を起こすことができると信じています。私たちは、スペースダンスを通して、その一端を担うことができると考えています。

If we can re-understand “Dance” as “Creating Posture“, we can cultivate several new jobs in our society. “Dance” is not so popular for the general public but “Creating Posture” is very popular for them, because everybody, every day, every moment, they are trying to do “Creating Posture” by unconsciously to get the comfortable body condition in their life. 


So, even if the general public don’t want to study “Dance” so much, but they want to study how to get the good way for making “Creating Posture”. In this meaning, the dancers can help them, because basically the dancers are the experts for “Creating Posture”. So, the dancers, if they want, they can find a new world to connect with them. 



[1] Mission / ミッション

The essence of Space Dance is to digitize the “Amicable Relatioship between Body and Space, or between Body and Object” as the “Tacit Knowledge” using “Body-Space Model“. And, it is to visualize the “Lost Memory” which is recovered in that time as the “Image“. We develop “Body-Space Model” for digitizing the tacit knowledge, then we design its process as various objects, spaces, and images that can contribute to the improvement of Earth Culture and the creation of Space Culture.


As a base to return the results of its design to the society, we are planning to open “SPACE MUSEM” with the following contents and activities at several cities around the world. And, we organize “SPACE DANCE SCHOOL” in SPACE MUSEUM and through these activities we educate the “New Talented People” who will work for developing a new social system for a new era.


スペースダンス 7日間




『スペースダンスワークショップ & 公演』


[2] Concept / コンセプト

– intellectual Craving for Knowledge and Creation / 知と創造への欲求 –

In the era of our information society, if we leave it, we easily forget that we are “physical presence“. We open “SPACE MUSEUM” based on the feeling as “the humans live as being existence with a body” in order to rethink the necessary themes to live better and build a new method for it.

ほっておけば、自分が「身体的存在」であることも容易に忘れていく私たちの情報化の時代。『スペースミュージアム』 では、「人間は身体をもつ存在として生きている」という実感をベースに据え、よりよく生きるために必要な問題を考え直し、その方法を新しく構築します。

Our wish for knowledge and creation has created art and design, and pursued science and technology, then we could develop our human’s society. So, in our today’s world what makes a wish for knowledge and creation?


For example, Into the “Mysterious Microcosm” created by a piece of special cloth called Space Tube, we can make a floating easy. And we can experience the condition of pseudo-zero gravity and the soft cloth of Space Tube wrapping our body brakes our body balance, but soon it supports us gently. Also, since the shape of the space is decided by how we move into Space Tube, we can get a very nice “Nostalgic Feeling” as if we return back to the mother’s womb. Also, inside of Space Tube we can see a very “Beautiful Space Formation” which we have never seen before.

例えば、スペースチューブという一枚の布がつくりだす「不思議な小宇宙」では、ふわりと身体が浮き上がり、擬似的無重力の状態を体験でき、身体を包むやわらかな布は、身体のバランスを崩したかと思えば、すぐにやさしく支えてくれます。 そして、スペースチューブの中では自分がどう動くかで空間のかたちが決まる為、お母さんの胎内に帰ったような「懐かしい感覚」がします。同時に、内部ではこれまで見たこともないような「美しい空間造形」を見ることが出来ます。

Such the experiences of pseudo-zero gravity and an unexpected space wake up our primitive feeling and awareness, and give us a new recognition about our body and environment. The moment when a new door of the recognition is opened is “Time of New Discovery” and it is also the moment when “Wish for Knowledge and Creation” is born.


●What is SPACE TUBE? / スペースチューブとは?

SPACE TUBE is “Soft Space” used a special elastic cloth. It is installed suspended by the ropes at a certain height from the floor and developed for the Space Dance Performance and for general public including the kids. On April 2001 SPACE TUBE could debut at The United Nations in New York and on 2004-2006 through the collaborative research together with Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA) in Japan it could realize a social debut officially.


Space Tube has been estimated as a Boundary Object. Boundary Object, this means an “Object which exists on the Bound.” Both children and adult, both general people and a specialist, both a person who belongs to scientific fields and a person who belongs to artistic fields, they can feel same interests towards Space Tube with common sense.


SPACE TUBE is also criticized as “IKEBANA in the SKY – Flower in the Sky” and it is floating in the air with an unique form that no one has seen yet. The characteristics of SPACE TUBE are four, “Closed Space“, “Various Postures“, “Nostalgic Feeling“, and “Unexpectedness“. And at the exhibition it is constituted by “4 Rooms” such as “Balnce and Posture“, “Light and Darkness“, “Real and Virtual“, and “Contemplation and Healing“.



[3] Contents & Activity per one week / 

[Tuesday – Sunday]  12:00-20:00 
[Tuesday –  Sunday]  12:00-14:00
SPACE DESIGN SCHOOL / スペースデザインスクール
[Tuesday –  Sunday]  14:00-16:00 
SPACE DANCE SCHOOL / スペースダンススクール
[Tuesday –  Sunday]  18:00-20:00
GALLERY / ギャラリー
[Tuesday –  Sunday]  12:00-20:00


[4] Budget Plan / 予算計画
for One SPACE MUSEUM per One Year
スペースミュージアム1館 / 1年間

[In the case of “1 Euro = 120 Japanese yen” / 「1ユーロ=120円」として計算]

●Incomings 77,100,000 Japanese Yen (642,500 Euro)
●収入 77,100,000円 (642,500ユーロ)

①Entrance Fee(250 people/day × 500 yen × 25 days/one month × 12 months) 37,500,000 yen ②Space Tube Marketing(400,000 yen/one space tube  × 2/one month ×12 months) 9,600,000 yen ③”Space Dance 7 Days”(1,000,000 yen/one event × 2 events/one month × 12 months) 24,000,000 yen ④Tuition Fee from Space Dance School(100,000 yen/one year × 20 students/one class × 3 classes)6,000,000 yen

①入場料(250 人/日 × 500 円 × 25 日/月 × 12ヶ月) 37,500,000円  ②スペースチューブ販売(400,000 円/1スペースチューブ × 2/月 ×12 ヶ月) 9,600,000 円 ③スペースダンス7日プログラム(1,000,000 円/1イベント × 2回/月 × 12ヶ月) 24,000,000円 ④授業料(スペースダンススクール)(100,000円/年 × 生徒20人/1クラス × 3クラス)6,000,000円

●Outgoings 66,400,000 Japanese  Yen (553,334 Euro)
●支出 66,400,000 円 (553,334ユーロ)

①Management Expenses for a Space 2,400,000 yen ②Production and R & D Costs 20,000,000 yen ③Operation Costs 8,000,000 yen ④Production Costs for Exchange Program 4,000,000 yen ⑤Labor Costs for 5 Full-Timers 18,000,000 yen ⑥Labor Costs for Part-Times and Guest Lecturers 10,000,000 yen ⑦Office Expenses and Costs for Publicity and Publishing 4,000,000 yen

①施設管理費 2,400,000 yen ②製作費 & 研究開発費 20,000,000 円 ③運営費 8,000,000 円 ④交換プログラム制作費 4,000,000 円 ⑤人件費(常勤5名) 18,000,000円 ⑥人件費(非常勤 + パートタイム) 10,000,000円 ⑦事務費・出版費 4,000,000円

●Profit 10,700,000 Japanese Yen (89,167 Euro)
●収益 10,700,000 円 (89,167ユーロ)

*When we open one “SPACE MUSEUM” we need 664,000 US dollars as the opening fee and managing fee. Usually we can’t get the income on first 2 years, so we need to stock 1,328,000 US dollars from our saved money or from our investors.

※『スペースミュージアム』1館には、オープニング費用と年間運営費として6,640万円(553,334ユーロ)が必要です。通常、最初の2年間は収益を期待できないため、2年分として、1億3,280万円(1,106,668 Euro)を投資家から用意する必要があります。


■ Organization by “TEAM A & B & C”
「チームA & B & C」の形成

For the opening and the operation of one “SPACE MUSEUM”, we form “TEAM A & B & C” consisting of the following members including full-time, part-time, guest participation and volunteers.

『スペースミュージアム』1館のオープンと運営のために、常勤・非常勤・ゲスト参加・ボランティアを含め、以下のメンバーからなる「チームA & B & C」を形成します。

Director  Producer  ○CuratorArts Producer  ○Science Producer  
Internet Producer  ○Arts Manager  ○Space Tube Marketer  Educator  
Publisher  ○TV Producer  ○Journalist ○Investor

ディレクター  ○プロデューサー  ○キュレーターアートプロデューサー 
サイエンスプロデューサー  ○インターネットプロデューサー 
アーツマネージャー  ○スペースチューブマーケッター  教育者  
出版者  ○TVプロデューサー  ○ジャーナリスト ○投資家

 ○Designer  ○Industrial Designer  ○Architect  ○Brain Scientist  
Life Scientist  ○Robot Developer  ○Media Designer  ○Media Artist  
Programmer  ○Composer  ○Researcher ○University 
Research Institution Company  ○Foundation  ○Government

○デザイナー ○プロダクト・デザイナー ○建築家 ○脳科学者 ○生命科学者
○ロボット開発者 ○メディアデザイナー ○メディアアーティスト ○プログラマー
○作曲家 ○研究者 ○参加機関~大学・研究所・企業・財団・政府

International Space Dancer


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