ECKHART GARDEN 4 / エックハルトの庭4

ECKHART GARDEN 4 / エックハルトの庭4

[Short Poem; One day of AI Painter / 詩; AI画家の一日]

“I was lonely, when I traced my memory and reproduced you as an AI image in my room, just real you appeared in front of me and could embrace me tight.”


I edited “ECKHART GARDEN 4” with “SHORT POEM; One day of AI Painter”, “PHOTO; Seeking a Wing“, “VIDEO; Space Dance in the Robotic Universe 4“, and “STORY; Imagination in the age of AI“.


■ PHOTO / 写真
“Seeking a Wing / 翼を求めて”

■ VIDEO / ビデオ
“Space Dance in the Robotic Universe 4”

■ STORY / 物語
“Imagination in the age of AI / AI時代の想像力”