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Aldrin, I am standing diagonally / オルドリン、斜めに立っている私


For us who pay attention to “Posture“, the testimonies by the astronauts who could land on the moon of gravity 1/6 of the earth are very interesting. It were the important experiences about the close relationship between the body and the gravity, and recognitions that “Posture” is a function of the gravity with their own bodies. In particular, a testimony of Astronaut Buzz Aldrin who could realize a moonwalk as the second human tells the fact very clearly, including his expression of “Oh, my body stands at an angle on the moon!”, that how the humans maintain their “Posture” in relation to the gravity.



The humans could renew our recognition of the “Body” by walking on the moon for the first time, including the spacewalk in non-gravity environment at International Space Station. Through this recognition we forces to regain consciousness of the relationship with the gravity which we were not aware of as an unconscious process on the earth, but as a result, we also could learn “the possibility of adjusting the relationship with gravity artificially“.



The “Floating Experience” in non-gravity environment in space is a revolutionary event from the perspective of “Liberation from Gravity“, as many astronauts have already described as an emotional experience since the beginning of the human history. But, from the perspective of our “Space and Culture“, it seems one-sided. This is because, apart from specially trained astronauts, for ordinary humans, everyone should has the same “Posture” in non-gravity environment, so in the sense that the essential “Mood” and individual “Way” that have been realized on the ground cannot be guaranteed. So, its condition will be boring and take away “Individuality” as the humans.



In a world where the human’s “Individuality” is not exhibited, the human’s consciousness gradually will begin to fall sleep, and there will be a risk of the human’s decline. The communication between people also loses the rich character by various transportations due to various personalities, and loses the contents to be exchanged, finally the establishment of the “World as Culture” that has characterized the human world will be dangerous.



In the world of physical expression such as several sports, martial arts, dance, theater, and so on as well as in the world of various craftsmanship, important basic human movements that form the unique “Posture” by putting effort into the waist become impossible. The same is true in the everyday world of standing behavior, and there is no doubt that the basic state of the human’s physical existence will be confused.



Therefore, we propose that we need the artificial gravity for the human life in space, and in order to form a rich space culture, the wearing “Personal Tool for supporting Posture” with which we can customize the artificial gravity will be effective. This is because, above all, “Posture” is the mother’s womb of cultural creation, and in the future human world including the space environment, it is inevitable that the physical and spiritual desires of individuals will further increase. So, the unprecedented support for the “Body” will be one of the focal points the culture of next-generation.



“Personal Tool for supporting Posture” we propose is a body support system that allows us to freely customize the artificial pravity and build our favorite “Posture” between zero gravity and one gravity. It is a tool that supports the body beyond the innate physical ability of the humans, and it transforms according to the situation and preference of the humans, and can be moved as plastic clothes, artificial hands and feet, free walking sticks, etc. It functions as an auxiliary tool. In our proposal we plan to make “Personal Tool for supporting Posture” work with the connection to “Artificial Gravity Generator” by rotation in the International Space Station, space hotel, lunar dwelling, and Mars dwelling.

私たちが提案する姿勢支援ツールは、0G~1Gの間で、自由に人工重力をカスタマイズし、好みの「姿勢」を構築できる身体支援システムである。それは、人間の生得の身体能力をこえて身体を支援するツールで、人間が置かれた状況や好みに応じて変形し、可塑的服や人工の手や足や自在な杖などとして、或いは移動機械などとして、補助具的に機能する。 私たちの提案では、このような姿勢支援ツールを、国際宇宙ステーション・宇宙ホテル・月面住居・火星住居などにおける回転による「人工重力発生装置」に連結させて機能させるという設定である。


By using “Personal Tool for supporting Posture” we can form our favorite “Posture” freely according to the space environment in which we are placed and build a new “Physical Base for Demonstrating Individuality“. Through this tool, it is expected that various “Individuality” will be born by various “Posture”, and the creation of a new space culture that was unthinkable on the earth can be expected. A new concept of the body will be born and there is a possibility that a new evolution of the humans will be realized in an unexpected way.


When the Time comes / 時が来れば


人間は、「坐るための椅子」をデザインすることで、 サルとは違う人間としての特有の進化を決定づけ、新しい文化を誕生させた。私の「物語」では、魚・両生類・四足動物・鳥・サル・人間のそれぞれにおいて、それぞれの姿勢に応じた文化が存在するという、「姿勢は文化創造の母胎である」という「仮説」を採用している。つまり、文化とは人間の独占物ではない。そのために「姿勢」が重要なキーワードになっている。

Humans could get a very characteristic evolution as human beings different from the monkey realized by a design of “Chair for the Sitting”. Then, they could develop a new culture. In my story I adopted a hypothesis that “Posture is a Womb for Creating Culture”. In this hypothesis each fish, amphibian, quadruped animal, bird, monkey, human have each cultures depend on each postures. So, the culture is not a monopoly of humans. In this meaning “Posture” is one of very important keywords in my story.



Humans could perfect the bipedalism well, so they could notice a special value of the sitting. And for supporting this behavior such a sitting humans could start to create “Chair for the Sitting”. Its awareness and its creation are estimated highly as “Design’s Behavior that developed Human’s Characteristic Evolution”. Indeed, not only humans but also monkey could sit on the rock, on the grass, on the tree, and on other every location. However, it is only human beings that bother to make the man-made article “Chair” and only human sit on it.



What is the difference between when humans sit on an artificial object named “Chair” and on other natural objects? Of course it is not only the theme about the comfortable sitting. Frankly speaking, humans could get an ability of “Looking Objectively”. In short, through the sitting on “Chair”, they could expand the body to the world, and at its point they could meet “Nature” again. Then, humans could start to look “Nature” and “Earth” including the body objectively.



This ability of “Looking Objectively” generated the definite difference between our humans and the monkey and other animals at my “A Story constituted on One Hundred Hypotheses”. In the end, by this ability, only humans could start to look our existence on the ground with a “View from Outside”. Its first fruits of this view were an invention of “God” and an occurrence of “Religion


  Humans, through this ability of “Looking Objectively” could start to live into the universe as a spirit at the same time humans existed on the earth, and humans start to look same person who lived on the earth. Humans has been getting a new “Mind” different from the monkey and other animals.


Human Cosmic Plan / ヒト宇宙化計画

Human Cosmic Plan / ヒト宇宙化計画


Dream of Evolution” is the theme on which the human’s imagination is tested to the maximum. I assumed two people “Ilkai, I as my future” and “Elena, my lover who lives in Mars through Surplus Dimension“, and as “Human Cosmic Plan” supported by Ilkai and Elena, I draw as follows, I will challenge an adventure of the image.



Together with Elena, Ilkay will realize the following tasks as a “Human Cosmic Plan”.



Ilkay asks Elena to understand the Earth problem.



Ilkay understands the Mars problem held by Elena.



Together with Elena, Ilkay solves the Earth problem and the Mars problem.



Ilkay becomes a family with Elena, give birth to children, and raise “Race of Universe”.



Ilkay forms a “Big Family” with the cosmic race and start a journey to the end of the universe.



Elena is a Mars resident. Residents of Mars were born from the migration of Earth residents to Mars. The Mars residents successfully made use of the environment of one third of gravity and made great progress. However, the Mars residents were unable to endure the foolishness of hatred, conflict, and war that endlessly continued among the residents of the Earth, so they modified the brain to insulate the history as the descendants of the Earth’s inhabitants. But its independence failed.


If we break out our own roots, we meet a counterattack from the environment. Therefore, the Mars residents dilute the body, the existence itself becomes half a dream, and it is destined to disappear. However, Elena still knows that she has a hope for herself as a Mars resident. That is the union with Ilkay.



On the other hand, Ilkay aimed to build and operate a “New Body” on Earth, but in the union with the Earth woman, it was not possible to create the universe race from the “New Body”. Therefore, he could not solve the Earth problem. After that, he understood that it is impossible on the sick Earth, he need a pure existence who knows the contradiction of the Earth culture well, it is Elena living on Mars. Ilkai left for Mars and met Elena.



Ilkai and Elena met on Mars, tried Space Dance, and reviewed the evolutionary history of life. They touched the family tree of each animal roots and rotated beautifully at high speed like a pair of the double helix of DNA, Then they were united and with their union they created “New Posture” that were different from both Earth residents and Mars resident, finally through this experience they designed a “Tool for supporting Posture“. As its result they could realize a birth of the first intelligence as an outer race.



The people of the Earth also used “Tool for supporting Posture” to discover directions to the universe where they can advance, resolve the egoism among the nations, restore the global environment, and solve the Earth problem.



Through the use of “Tool for supporting Posture”, the Mars resident realized the body as the entity again, awoke from the dream, and found out the direction of advance to the universe that is also different from the Earth residents. Residents of Mars began to flourish more and settled the Mars problem.



From the union of Ilkai and Elena, the first child of the cosmic race was born, and thwy became the parents.



“Human Cosmic Plan” is the consensus of both the Earth residents and the Mars residents who reached at end of their self-examination, the cosmic race by the union of Ilkai and Elena are the only people who deserve the name of “Post Human“.  Ilkay and Elena made a “Big Family” as the cosmic race and started a journey to the end of the universe.


Posture is Mother’s Womb for Creating Culture / 姿勢は文化創造の母胎である

Posture is Mother’s Womb for Creating Culture /


In the joint research with JAXA, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, in Tokyo from 2004 to 2006, I made the following proposals to JAXA as the principal researcher, assuming that the humans will advance into space in the near future.


[Proposal 1 / 提案1]

When we consider the bilogical essence of the humans based on bipedalism, the artificial gravity will be necessary for the cultural development of the human life in non-gravity environment.


[Proposal 2 / 提案2]

Moreover, in order to for the humans to create a rich space culture in space, “Personal Tool for supporting Posture” that can customize the artificial gravity will be effective. Because, the posture is mother’s womb for creating culture. The humans are expected to face the new evolutionary possibilities in space environment, in that time “Personal Tool for supporting Posture” can influence its evolution.


[Proposal 3 / 提案3]

Since the behavior of the humans in space change drastically by using the tool for supporting posture, major reforms are required fundamentally for living space design, information design, and lifestyle design in space.



When we think about the humans living in space in the near future, what will happen to the human’s posture in non-gravity environment? Is it still floating in the air? Or, we need some kind of “New Posture” to live in space, and for that we need something like a support tool? In that case, how to change our “Body” and “Sense”? What kind of “Information” we need?

人間が近い将来に宇宙で新しく生活することを考える時、人間の「姿勢」は無重力環境ではどうなるだろうか? 中空にふわりふわりと浮いたままなのか? 或いは宇宙での生活のためには何らかの「新しい姿勢」が必要になり、その為に何らかの支援ツールのようなものが必要になるのか? その場合、人間の「身体」や「感覚」はどのように変化し、人間が必要とする「情報」はどのようなものになるのか?


Japanese astronaut, Chiaki Mukai once talked about the spacewalk experience, saying that “It is not good condition if we are just floating in non-gravity environment. We need to touch our body somewhere to keep a source of emotional support. Only one string will be ok, we want to connect to something. Is it the essence of the humans? I feel sick in non-gravity environment because I can’t understand the relationship of higher and lower. We need the artificial gravity in space.” In non-gravity environment all directions are “upper” for our brain, then we lose a sense of direction. So, her recognition is accurate and has been an excellent reference for us to consider the physical and brain problems in non-gravity environment.



What is “Posture” for the humans in relation to the environment? How is “Posture” imagined to change in relation to the gravity?

人間にとり「姿勢」とは、環境との関係において何であったのか? 重力との関係により「姿勢」はどのように変化することが予想されるのか?


The humans exist with their own characteristic “Posture” in various scenes of life. Everyone has the unique habitual gestures, and there are unique ways of laughing, crying, talking, sitting, standing, walking, running and so on, and everyone has a different atmosphere depending on their “Posture”. Everyone communicates with others, works, makes a living, and establishes the expressive activities based on their characteristic “Posture”.



In Space Dance, we try to create a new “Posture” in the individual, away from the narrative world used in the theater. First of all, this is because it became necessary for today’s people to correctly recognize that we need to get a new awareness of the “Body”, and we need to know the way how our “Body” exist in relation to the surrounding space and things, and what the “Body” want there.



When we look back on the evolutionary history of living things, we can understand that from fish to amphibian, from amphibian to monkey, from monkey to the humans, each living things has its own unique “Posture” necessary for their survival. Also about the humans, it can be seen that there is a “Posture” based on bipedalism which is necessary for living and a living culture based on it. In the case of the humans, bipedalism released the forefoot and it became a “Hand”, and standing vertically activated the “Brain” and enlarged it, and the excess energy of the brain was transmitted to the “Hand”, finally the humans created the “Tool” and built “Culture” by using tools and languages. To be sure, bipedalism for the humans was a valuable assert acquired at the end of the fight against the gravity, and it was the realization of “Posture” close to a miracle in the evolutionary history of living things.



However, we think that such “Posture” based on bipedalism is not permanent, but just a function of space that changes with the changes in the environment. The humans are now in the information society are facing major environmental changes as we enter the new space era and the time of creation of new artificial bodies through life science and robotics, so we need to create a new “Posture” and express it for making possible to correspond to its changes.


Declaration of Future / 未来宣言

Declaration of Future / 未来宣言


I will go on a journey looking for the end of the universe through the surplus dimensions with my Elena.



In order to get a map of “New Thought“, I will set up the next mission and design the “New Body” using as much of the technology as possible. And a test subject of this “New Body” is me who said it. If I am not a test subject, I can’t know its true validity. Also, I want to take responsibility on my own.



To survive the new environment including the space environment, I will create a “New Body”. A “New Body” is composed of four elements of Living Body, Real World Alter Ego, Internet Alter Ego and Alter Ego to the universe. Because the body of living is also remodeled with state-of-the-art medical care, the relationship of the four elements will become complicated. But, I will organize those relationships, raise a “New Body”, train my dreams according to changing circumstances, devise communication, and I will make a journey to the end of the universe together with Elena.



This mission will be successful if I am convinced by my friends who trust to travel on somewhere in the universe instead of having disappeared after my death. No matter where I am in the universe, I will take another form of my living for my activity and continue to communicate with my friends.