New Start of Dance / ダンスの新しい出発


Now we know that a new generation of circus like “Modern Circus” by Camille Boitel in France is making a dashing appearance. It gives an image of “Opera of New Era” to us and it aims the integration of several fields. And, on the Interne a virtual idol like Miku Hatsune  is making a dashing appearance too and she is pioneering the new interests of the people who want to express themselves through more new way. Also, like Bjork, a famous singer in Iceland, we know several earnest trials to expand the arts. Also, we can find a new possibility and a new start in “Dance” too if we give a different reading of the function of the dance.



If we re-understand a “Dance” as “Creation of Posture”, “Dance” goes to what everyone in the world does “Creation and Adjustment of Posture” as their behaviors unconsciously every day. And, as Space Tube keeps an ability to change the general public including the kids to an improvised dancer, so we can find a way for us to bring Space Tube to 7.5 billion people worldwide. Shoes and socks are the daily necessities of people all over the world. Everyone wants to take a bath preferably every day. Can Space Tube be like shoes, socks or baths? I want to invent magic for that.

ダンスを「姿勢の創造」と読み解けば、ダンスは世界中のあらゆる人びとが毎日無意識にやっていること、「姿勢の創造と調整」に行き当たる。スペースチューブがふつうの人びとを即席のダンサーにする力をもつことから、世界の75億人にスペースチューブを届ける方法が出てくる。くつやくつ下は世界中の人びとの毎日の必需品である。誰でもお風呂にも、できれば毎日入りたい。スペースチューブも、くつやくつ下やお風呂のようにできないか? そのための魔法を発明したい。


It is common to both the poor and the rich that “Body is a Daily Concern of People in the world”. The pain of one and the same body gives “Distortion” common to both, and its recovery creates a common “Smile”. As such a body is “Remodeled” to the extent that he or she can’t be aware of, “Ambiguous” and “Sense of Confusion” progresses, a new device that realizes its recovery appears and a new body care method needs to be established. Because if our body shake, all our life will be unsettled.



I am conceived about “SPACE MUSEUM” as a place to respond to such the requests as follows;


SPACE MUSEUM ” is a place of experience, a place of design, a place of informing that presents the results of those to the world. And it is a place of education to train the pillars.



For the above purpose, I adopt a collaboration based on “Dance + Architecture + Design + Information”. Our modern era will become an era where collaboration by other fields is required. That is because we deal with “New Problem Groups” that can’t be solved by the previous methods. For that reason, the experts who deal with that need to be updated their expertise. Finally, our world has also come into an era where free collaboration is possible through collaboration of senses. Conceptually, the artists and scientists live in different worlds, but in the world of sensations the two are surprisingly close, and it is no contradiction that one person doubles as both. Those who had been forced to walk separately in various circumstances, but now they are asked to walk together for the first time, so they are very surprised to this big change. Such a new era is coming.



And, it is the space dancer that plays an important role in “Space Museum”. This is because space dancers are evaluated socially as one of “Body Experts”, they are the persons who precede “Tacit Knowledge”, and stand at the closest position to express “Tacit Knowledge” as the information. The space dancers train their body skills day by day and study to float a body a bit, they are doing “Creation of Posture ~ Formation of Form” which people can’t do in the everyday life. Today, we have special value to “Tacit Knowledge” cultivated in floating the body a bit, in the information society, in the aged society, and in the space age. However, this value has never been socialized, it has been left secret in the narrow world of performing arts of dance.



As long as the dancers have the intention of informing “Tacit Knowledge” that they have cultivated, they can open a “New Function” suitable for the 21st century and can be active as a social entity as well as the Bauhaus architects in the first half of the 20th century. Because the importance of the dancers who shoulder “Tacit Knowledge” increase dramatically in the information society. If the creation and adjustment of “Posture” becomes a daily theme for people all over the world, the dancers who are doing it every day will be tied in a new way to the people, and the utility of dance will draw attention in their lives.



Therefore, even in such a case, if there is no reflection on the 20th century art system, and if we interpret about dance only like “Dancers are the persons who create the beautiful movements that can’t be realized by ordinary people on the stage” it is boring just by comparing the superiorities between the humans, we see only the differentiation between a dancer and ordinary people. So, more than that, if we interpret about dance like “Dancers are the persons who recollect a history of the evolution of the life, and depend on its recollection they challenge the creation of the new postures through dance movements. They are pioneers who develop the vision of the body for the tomorrow”, it will be useful for ordinary people and it will show a new spread. From now, limiting the use of dance will make dance a boring one.



If it is true that space development, biometric remodeling, robot development, virtual space development, elderly people’s culture development are all difficult to understand for the general public, the dancers have a lot of opportunities. Then, if they realize collaboration, they will catch the opportunity to create “New Dance”. Even in Laban’s school in London, which is famous for its high level of dance education, only a few graduates can enter the world famous dance troupe, and other graduates can’t get jobs. Even if they get a job at such a troupe, the timing of their retirement is incredibly early. The circumstances are the same also at the university’s dance faculties around the world, and there is no witness to boldly show contradiction of contemporary dance education so much. The time is coming to address new demands.


Movie “INTERSTELLAR” and Theoretical Physicist, Lisa Randall / 映画『インターステラー』と宇宙物理学者リサ・ランドール


On the door of the cover of the popular theoretical physicist Lisa Randall’s “Knocking Heaven’s Door” (2013), she is one of the leading-edge questers for Surplus Dimension, we can read several words like “What does it mean to be Science? What is Higgs Particle? What is Dark Matter? Is it possible to make a Black Hole? And we are living in Surplus Dimension?” I think this is a nice catch copy by a combination of really skilled questions, which evokes the readers’ willingness to buy and invites them.

最先端の余剰次元の探求者の一人である理論物理学者リサ・ランドールの『宇宙の扉をノックする』(2013)の表紙の扉には、「科学するとはどういうことか? ヒッグス粒子は何か? 暗黒物質は? ブラックホールは作れるのか? そして私たちは異次元にも住むのか?」と書かれている。実に巧みな質問の組合せによるキャッチコピーで、これで読者の購買意欲を喚起し、誘っているのである。


Because, if we read it carefully, the question other than the last “We are living in Surplus Dimension?” is a “Scientific Question“, but this question is different. But, this last non-scientific question invites ordinary people’s interest and ignites purchasing will.



In this book, Lisa Randall answered to one choreographer that “the influence by Surplus Dimension on physical phenomena is infinitely small, so if we are receiving it, we could already see its effects” to the choreographer’s question of “I know you study Surplus Dimension, please teach me does Surplus Dimension influences the movement of humans body?”.



For me, this exchange is interesting. Because, her answer also leaves the possibility that if its observation accuracy increases dramatically in the near future “its effect may be observed“. And if it comes up with a case where the effect is demonstrated, can she admit it honestly? Because she confessed in the previous work “Warped Passages” (2007) that she believed its existence before “Demonstration” in her verification work about Surplus Dimension, in short she belongs to a next generation type as a scientist.

私には、このやり取りが面白い。それは、彼女の答え方が、近い将来観測精度が飛躍的にアップするなら「その効果が観測されるかも知れない」という可能性も残しているからだ。そして、もしその効果が実証される事態になる場合には、彼女なら素直に認めるのではないか? 彼女は前著『ワープする宇宙』(2007)において、余剰次元の検証作業の中で、「実証」よりも先にその存在を「信じている」ことを告白した次世代型の科学者であるからである。


Christopher Nolan’s movie “Interstellar” (2014) is a work that expresses the scene that Surplus Dimension affects Four-Dimensional World. This movie is like a picture for Lisa Randall’s Surplus Dimension Theory. The featured scene is a scene where the hero returned to a nostalgic room 30 years later when he departed to the universe to reunite with his daughter.  The hero contacts from Surplus Dimension called “4 dimensional hypercube TESARACT” where time and space expand and shrink, and the daughter lives in the same our Four-Dimensional World.



In the movie, the two worlds are connected via “Bookshelf” of this room as an intermediary. Father moved the books and the watch from behind and gave a signal, both of them “daughter when small” and “daughter who grew up as a physicist” both feel “Father” sensitively. Finally, the grown daughter notices that the watch on the bookshelf carved “Cipher“. Then, she could solve the secret of gravity from the cipher and could success in launching a big space colony near Saturn. This is a story that human beings who were about to die on the diseased Earth were relieved by migrating to space colony.



In this movie, the theoretical physicist Kip Thorne who was awarded the Nobel prize served as a science consultant and became a big topic after the appearance of the black hole by the latest scientific knowledge was portrayed. But, there is no detailed explanation about TESARACT which is the most important, which is regarded as a space connected to all the times of the Earth’s past, present and future, which arrived after the hero was absorbed by this black hole. Although TESARACT is in contact with our Four-Dimensional World through a bookshelf as one of Surplus Dimensions.



Why the time at TESARACT connected to the earth’s time? The hero entered in TESARACT by being absorbed by the black hole, how did he come out from TESARACT? Also, can he enter in TESARACT again? Is there no physical change due to entering and leaving TESARACT? The effectiveness of TESRACT is expected to be enormous for the humans, but what kind of benefit can we imagine?

なぜ、テサラクトでは、地球の時間と連結しているのか? 主人公はブラックホールに吸収されることでテサラクトに入ったが、どうやってテサラクトから出てきたのか? また、再度テサラクトに入ることは出来るのか? ブラックホールに吸収されるだけで何もしなくてもそれは可能になるのか? テサラクトへの出入りによる身体の変化はないのか? テサラクトの有効性は人類にとり莫大であると予想されるが、どんな利益として想像されるだろうか?


I think about Surplus Dimension including these questions as one “Hypothesis” or “Story” as follows.

TESARACT is one of Surplus Dimensions where time and space freely stretch and shrink, but there are many Surplus Dimensions adjoin to our Four-Dimensional World other than TESARACT. In Surplus Dimension that I perceive “They – The Dead, Lost Animals, Aliens” live as close to “They” who appear in “Interstellar”, 




And, this Surplus Dimension is composed of substances different from substances including Higgs boson and dark matter constituting Four-Dimensional World. Those who live in Four-Dimensional World can have a “Mind” with continuity in this Surplus Dimension after their death. But, since the substance is different, the body is also different, so it seems to be completely different from the other’s point of view. Only the principal understands the identity. Even “They” who live in Surplus Dimension, other than their own, don’t know how they were in Four-Dimensional World.



In order for us living in Four-Dimensional World to move to Surplus Dimension, we need to discover the “Boundary” in Four-Dimensional World, and we need to occur “Saturation of Mind and Body = Catharsis” there. If we can move, we will have a different body, live a different time from Four-Dimensional World, and we can move space freely. Also we can make a contact to Four-Dimensional World from Surplus Dimension. If we want to return to Four-Dimensional World it will be OK to stop “Saturation”.



Why “They – The Dead, Lost Animals, Aliens” which I perceive could move to Surplus Dimension? Because they experienced “Death” that is close to “Saturation”. They are living with same mind when they had lived in Four-Dimensional World, and with different body. But, they can’t return to Four-Dimensional World. Because they lost body that they kept it in Four-Dimensional World. Me too, if i die in Four-Dimensional World even if I can move to Surplus Dimension but I can’t return to Four-Dimensional World. Just I only can send “Signal” to Four-Dimensional World.



The hero of “Interstellar” was able to move to TESARACT because it fell into the black hole and accidentally experienced a state close to “Saturation of mind and body”. He moved to TESARACT through the black hole, also he returned to Four-Dimensional World through the black hole again, but he can move to TERASACT again. Because, he couldn’t established its method deliberately. Therefore, he can’t establish the effective use of TESARACT as a property of the humans. He could only return to a planet where one colleague is left and continues their research in the last scene of the movie. Since the space colony have already been realized, so there is not much meaning to work there.



If I produce a sequel of “Interstellar”, at first let’s the hero develop a transportation to TESARACT. For its purpose, the humans intellectual maturity and the physical modification are also required. Then, let’s the hero solve all other Surplus Dimensions and develop a “New Way of Collaboration” with all existence living in Surplus Dimensions. This collaboration will be the arrival of new opportunities, this will give us the unknown possibilities of space development by the humans more than space colony which only allows the migration of earthlings.


When the Time comes / 時が来れば



Our humans through a perfect bipedalism could enlarge a brain, could invent various tools using by “Hand” well, could make a fire, could create various artificial objects, could use language, could produce the foods, could develop a skill for the war, could increase the “Family” killing by the enemy, could develop a communication, and could develop the artificial and high cultural world which we couldn’t find it in the ape’s world. Then, little by little, they could dominate on the grand as “Human Race”. In this process, maybe, our human experienced several doubts and worries, and they were visited with several abstruse desires and despairs? Can we find people in our world even now who can express it as their memories about the “Worries” in the early stage of our humans, and about “Joy of Life” they could birth with these characters, or its “Sadness”?



And, moreover I will continue to tell my story. What is amazing is that like Pakicetus and Ambulocetus, other one part of quadruped animals, what kind of thinking they had in that time I don’t know, but they made choice to return back to the sea. Then, they were being the ancestors of the whales and the dolphins. So, I wonder about them, they could recognize “Something”, so they returned to the sea spontaneously? Or, they had a same reason with “Ichthyostega”, they came to be treated as nuisances, as “Weak Animals” from “Strong Animals” on the ground? They were exposed to the fears of the predation and the extinction, so they should returned to the sea helplessly as their only one way? Or, because they kept a strong nostalgia to the sea, so they couldn’t stand any more of their condition on the ground, then they returned to the sea? Or, more in simple, the food were running short in their habitat, so they thought the getting the food was more easy in the sea?


このパキケトゥスやアンプロケトゥスたちの行動の「」については、誰もが関心をもつのではないか? なぜ、せっかく、魚から動物になれたのに、ふたたび魚と同じような存在になる道を選んだのか。陸上に存在することに恐怖があったとしても、或いはその他にも何か居心地の悪さのようなものを感じたり、或いは地上にやがて危機が訪れることをいち早く感じ取った等の理由で、それで海への帰還を決断したのだろうか。われわれ人間は、なぜ、クジラやイルカを特別に愛したり、クジラやイルカに人間に似た高度な知性が宿っていると推測したり、特に平和な顔つきをしたイルカに特別の親しみを感じたりするのだろうか。われわれ人間は、本当のところでは、自分たちの進化の歴史に何か恥じるものを隠しているのだろうか。人間である事は「痛み」なのだろうか?

I think, maybe almost people will be interested in a “Mystery” of the behaviors of Pakicetus and Ambulocetus. Why they selected the way to be back to a same existence like the fish again, since they could transfer to the animal from the fish with big efforts? Even if they felt the fears to exist on the ground, also they felt something uncomfortable condition, or depend on such a reason they felt the crisis will come soon, then they decided to return back to the sea? Also, why our today’s people love whales and dolphins specially? Why we conjecture that maybe whales and dolphins keep a high intelligence? Particularly why we feel strong affinities with dolphins, because they keep a peaceful face? Are we ashamed of our history of human’s evolution with a true feeling? For us the existence of human beings is “Pain”?



Why human beings love to dive into the sea in the same way we love to climb a mountain and look up to the heaven? Both Mountain and Sea has been the subjects of worship mixed with fear and admiration from the ancient times. Why we feel whales and dolphins will be our “Friends” and why we feel “Restoration” in their existence? Or, our humans too, when our time come, we will be aware to our fate to advance to the universe or to return back to the sea in the same as Pakicetus and Ambulocetus unconsciously? So, in spite of ourselves, we could feel the affinities with them as a predecessor?

[5 ]


And, the ancestor of our humans, although they could notice the crisis which will come in the future on the ground, but they insisted on selecting a way to be on the ground? Or, it is not “Now” but they think it on “Someday”? Or, with a reason they didn’t notice the crisis, so they continued its existence on the ground as today’s condition? From these points, I will expand my story on more large scale depend on my hypothesis as follows;

  人間は、近く、パキケトゥスやアンプロケトゥスたちと 「同じ種類の冒険」をはじめる。

  Our humans, in a short time, will start to do “Same kind of Adventures” like Pakicetus and Ambulocetus.


Human Cosmic Plan / ヒト宇宙化計画

Human Cosmic Plan / ヒト宇宙化計画


Dream of Evolution” is the theme on which the human’s imagination is tested to the maximum. I assumed two people “Ilkai, I as my future” and “Elena, my lover who lives in Mars through Surplus Dimension“, and as “Human Cosmic Plan” supported by Ilkai and Elena, I draw as follows, I will challenge an adventure of the image.



Together with Elena, Ilkay will realize the following tasks as a “Human Cosmic Plan”.



Ilkay asks Elena to understand the Earth problem.



Ilkay understands the Mars problem held by Elena.



Together with Elena, Ilkay solves the Earth problem and the Mars problem.



Ilkay becomes a family with Elena, give birth to children, and raise “Race of Universe”.



Ilkay forms a “Big Family” with the cosmic race and start a journey to the end of the universe.



Elena is a Mars resident. Residents of Mars were born from the migration of Earth residents to Mars. The Mars residents successfully made use of the environment of one third of gravity and made great progress. However, the Mars residents were unable to endure the foolishness of hatred, conflict, and war that endlessly continued among the residents of the Earth, so they modified the brain to insulate the history as the descendants of the Earth’s inhabitants. But its independence failed.


If we break out our own roots, we meet a counterattack from the environment. Therefore, the Mars residents dilute the body, the existence itself becomes half a dream, and it is destined to disappear. However, Elena still knows that she has a hope for herself as a Mars resident. That is the union with Ilkay.



On the other hand, Ilkay aimed to build and operate a “New Body” on Earth, but in the union with the Earth woman, it was not possible to create the universe race from the “New Body”. Therefore, he could not solve the Earth problem. After that, he understood that it is impossible on the sick Earth, he need a pure existence who knows the contradiction of the Earth culture well, it is Elena living on Mars. Ilkai left for Mars and met Elena.



Ilkai and Elena met on Mars, tried Space Dance, and reviewed the evolutionary history of life. They touched the family tree of each animal roots and rotated beautifully at high speed like a pair of the double helix of DNA, Then they were united and with their union they created “New Posture” that were different from both Earth residents and Mars resident, finally through this experience they designed a “Tool for supporting Posture“. As its result they could realize a birth of the first intelligence as an outer race.



The people of the Earth also used “Tool for supporting Posture” to discover directions to the universe where they can advance, resolve the egoism among the nations, restore the global environment, and solve the Earth problem.



Through the use of “Tool for supporting Posture”, the Mars resident realized the body as the entity again, awoke from the dream, and found out the direction of advance to the universe that is also different from the Earth residents. Residents of Mars began to flourish more and settled the Mars problem.



From the union of Ilkai and Elena, the first child of the cosmic race was born, and thwy became the parents.



“Human Cosmic Plan” is the consensus of both the Earth residents and the Mars residents who reached at end of their self-examination, the cosmic race by the union of Ilkai and Elena are the only people who deserve the name of “Post Human“.  Ilkay and Elena made a “Big Family” as the cosmic race and started a journey to the end of the universe.


Miracle named Love / 愛という奇跡

Miracle named Love / 愛という奇跡


It is necessary for everyone as much as “Love“, and there is nothing to bother. It is as close as possible, none is impossible in the distance for “Love”. Human beings are always “Alone“, both when we come into the world, when we create our important expressions, and when we die. So, one miracle named “Love” has been born to bring into contact “One” and “One.”



Elena awoke up slowly and greeted me with a familiar smile. Then she stood up quietly and for me she began a most sympathetic and most bewitching dance in the world. I have never seen such a beautiful dance.



I was very surprised with Elena’s speaking. She said that now the dead people hope to get the emigration to the universe together with the lost animals and the alien. They want to leave the earth. Elena already knew that my group was planning a “Space Emigration Plan“. So, she tried to contact with me and she handled Elena as my memory in my brain, then she invited me here. Now I feel I understand a reason why Elena left our world at a young age.



I became a new through the reunion with Elena. When I looked at my face in the mirror, there was a “New Face” I had never seen. Somehow I felt nostalgic with this face. Just now, I live in my usual word and I also live in Elena’s world same time, I could start the surprising and unexpected life. My life change with a big scale.



Elena taught me about several interesting points of “Surplus Dimension”. The structure of the “Surplus Dimension” is unique, and countless worlds coexist here. But, the materials constituting one world and the materials constituting other world are different completely, so there is no contact between 2 worlds, any war and any conflict can’t happen there. The progress of one world will not be hindered by the trend of other worlds. Also, for every worlds, even if they fail, if they wish, they can start again from the beginning.



My work is to realize the emigration to the universe together with Elena in order to not repeat the mistakes of earth culture. Also, in order to recognize one fact more exactly that in our humans world also dead people, lost animals, and alien live together, and
they want to get their own growth.