Real World and Another World / 現実と異界


It has already been found that the creation of space culture is not possible with an earth-centered idea. For example, military strategies that bring the know-how of war on the ground into space have already been proven through a number of recent battles to be useless in space. 

In fact, as long as we know that all of the bullets and rays fired from Earthlings’ weapons, whether they are nuclearized or not, can break through the alien’s body unharmed. Then there are no one who disagrees with this point. The weapons invented by the Earthlings were only effective against the Earthlings and the creatures born on Earth.




But why does the pistol bullet shot by the Earthlings break through the alien’s body? Until the advent of Space Tunnel, the reason was not clear, even if we had experienced and knew it in the field. Space Tunnel Experience made it clearer than anything else. In other words, in fact, people were able to clearly see the true appearance of aliens in Space Tunnel for the first time in history. 

Aliens disappear in an instant when they appear in Space Tunnel. Why is that? Space Tunnel is a cyberspace and a passage connecting the four-dimensional world and the five-dimensional world. In other words, the alien belonged to the five-dimensional world. Therefore, even if we shoot the aliens who appear in Space Tunnel with a pistol, it will not actually be damaged because it is a virtual reality that transcribed into our four-dimensional world.

しかし、地球人が撃ったピストルの弾はなぜ宇宙人の身体を突き抜けてしまうのか? スペーストンネルが登場するまでは、実地では経験して知っていても、その理由は明確ではなかった。それが、スペーストンネル体験により、何よりも明瞭になった。つまり、実際に、人びとは、スペーストンネルの中で、宇宙人の本当の姿を、史上はじめて、その目で明確に確認できたからだ。

宇宙人は、スペーストンネルの中に現れるかと思えば、一瞬の内に消え去る。それは、なぜか? スペーストンネルは、電脳空間であると共に、四次元世界と五次元世界を結ぶ通路である。つまり、宇宙人は五次元世界に属していたのだ。だから、仮にスペーストンネルの中に現れた宇宙人をピストルで撃っても、宇宙人にとっては自分を四次元世界に転写した仮想で現実ではないから、実際にダメージを受けることはないわけだ。


This fact was scientifically and officially proved by Space Tunnel Experience. Such a situation has never been experienced on Earth before, and it was a bolt from the blue for everyone. In this way,  from the perspectives of education, war, and cultural creation, for the humans on Earth it will be needed to get “New Methods and Training for Space Advancement and Growth” based on new space ideas that have never been seen before, 



As the group of theoretical physicists Lisa Randall, who had already made a prediction about the depressions of parallel universes and three-dimensional space in the early 21st century, the Another World(five-dimensional space) does not exist in a space different from our Real World(four-dimensional space). It is thought that they exist in the same place so as to overlap with each other in Real World.



Therefore, there must always be a “Boundary” that can be sensed from a reality side between Real World and Another World. Even with the idea we have adopted in the New United Nations “Human Space Plan“, there is definitely Another World, and as residents of Another World, even if the size of the inhabitants is different each time, Lost Animals, Dead, and Aliens inhabitant, and Another World exposes a “Boundary” through Space Tunnel and is continuous in Real World.



Space Tunnel is a space developed on cyberspace, and is a passage that connects Real World and Another World developed by our group. Lost Animals, Dead, and Aliens appear in a special place in this passage.


The Forest is Burning / 森が燃えている


I started to fall asleep again in the meeting. When I get bored, I get tired and I can’t open my eyes. So I leave the response at the meeting to my assistant Morris, and I go into my dream and see the continuation of my usual dreams. Into a dream. This is the best fun for me. It’s a rest above all.

What is it? I can see something.


何だろう? 何か見える。


Forests around the world are burning. The sparks around me began to turn bright red. Looking up, animals are running around in the sky. There are also animals that I have never seen. Leading the way are probably the species of animals that quickly disappeared from the ground. Some dinosaurs have wings. There are also wolves. There are also rabbits and deer. 

世界中の森が燃えている。僕の周囲も火の粉で真っ 赤に染まりはじめた。見上げると、空を動物たちが走りまわっている。そこには見たこともない動物たちも混じっている。先頭を走っているのは、おそらく地上から早々と姿を消した種類の動物たちだ。翼をもつ恐竜たちもいる。オオカミたちもいる。うさぎや鹿たちもいる。


Anyway, how are they all doing? Humans also started running mixed in it. People of ancient times and people of today are together. Both men and women are disjointed and funny, with tattered primitive clothing, the latest suits and dresses. Are everyone desperately running away? For that reason, why did everyone have a gentle look? If we look closely, it looks like animals and humans are very happy. Is it a new move? Did they find a new world? This may not be a painful war or accident. Something wonderful may be happening. 

それにしても、何てみんな元気なんだろう。人間たちもその中に混じって走りはじめた。大昔の人たちも、いまの人たちも、一緒になって。男も女も、ボロボロの原始服だったり、最新のスーツやドレスだったり、バラバラでおかしい。みんな必死に逃げ惑っているのか? それにしてはみんなおだやかな表情なのはなぜだ? よく見ると、動物も人間もとても幸福そうな雰囲気だ。新しい引越しなのか? 新天地が見つかったのか? これは痛ましい戦争や事故ではないのかも知れない。何か素晴らしいことが起きているのかも知れない。


It’s beautiful. What is this nostalgic feeling? However, we should be careful when wee feel nostalgic. It may be a sign that we will be taken to a place we do not know. That way, I know that many people have disappeared somewhere. Oh, someone walks over there. Every time someone get closer to me, and create various small spaces around the body like soap bubbles to make them sparkle. Do someoe have anything to do with me because someone is coming to me?



Who? I know? Looking straight at me. What? Oh, surprised! Is she? Yes! She is my nostalgic person. I understood her at once. I never forget her even after many years. The eyes that stare at me are the same as at that time. The beautiful eyes that have confused me.

誰? 知ってる人? 僕をまっすぐに見ている。えっ、何? 驚いた! 彼女なの? 彼女だ。僕の懐かしい人。僕には、すぐにわかった。何年たっても忘れない。僕を見つめる目はあの時と同じ。僕を惑わせてきた美しい目だ。


“This is Megumi. How are you? I’m doing fine. You may be surprised, but I still love you. I didn’t have such a close relationship with that professor, but you didn’t understand. I was bad, but it made me sad. Children are of course yours. a girl. I live well with her every day. The name is Cosmos. Her face is lot like you and she is very cute. It’s slow here because the flow of time is different, but Cosmos is now 9 years old. She’s a girl, so she can’t help but want to see her dad. She annoys me crying to see her dad.”

「メグミです。お元気ですか? 私は元気でやっていますよ。意外に思うかも知れませんけど、私はいまでもあなたを愛しています。あの教授とはそんな深い仲ではなかったのに、あなたには理解してもらえませんでした。私が悪かったけど、それが私を悲しくさせました。 子供はもちろんあなたの子です。女の子。私と毎日元気に暮らしていますよ。名前はコスモス。あなた似で、とても可愛いわ。ここでは時間の流れが違うからゆっくりだけど、コスモスもやっと9歳になりました。女の子だからお父さんに会いたくて仕方ないみたい。お父さんに会いたいと泣いて私を困らせます」。


I sent to you a cryptic map, so please come and see me if you want. I’m dying to see you too. I want to apologize to you and understand me. But when you come, please talk to your important Erica. I don’t think it will be opposed. I have spoken many times in Erica’s dreams. We are very good friends. I know what the love between you and Erica is. I envy you. And I want you to come here and know that this is not a damp and lonely world. I want you to understand why I wanted to come here early. If you come, I can move with Cosmos.


Water Wings / 水の翼に

I met a wonderful dancer named Ana in Mexico City. When she gets serious, she looks at people with indescribably beautiful eyes with a very strong eye light. Her friend told me that she died shortly after I returned to Japan. I can’t believe it, she was so young and so fine. I want to see her.

In my sense, when the world is likened to an “Expanding Sphere,” the living world is nothing more than the “Surface of Sphere,” while the dead world belongs to the “Inside of Sphere,” which is truly enormous. The older I get, the more Ana-like beings, including my Elena, the “Inside of Sphere” continue to expand. In such a vast world, how can I find them? To meet them, I need to think them and draw them. I felt that its reality determines the “Quality” of the encounter with them.

In one painting of them, they wears “Water Wings” on their naked back and dances innocently at the beach.


世界を「膨張する球」に例える時、私の感覚では、生者の世界が「球の表面」に存在するだけなのに対し、死者の世界は「球の内部」に属し、その数はまさに膨大である。私が年を取るほど、私のエレナを含めてアナのような存在が増え、「球の内部」も膨張を続ける。そんな広大な世界の中で、彼女たちをどうやって探せばいいのか? 彼女たちに会うためには、彼女たちを思うこと。そして、彼女たちを描くこと。そのリアルさが彼女たちとの出会いの「質」を決めるのだと私は感じている。


My Butoh, My Space Dance / 私の舞踏、私のスペースダンス


Molecular Biology has developed greatly and has made a great contribution to our world since the DNA genetic model was revealed to be a double helical structure in 1953. If we can express amicable but mysterious relationships between the body and the environment as “Visible Information” like DNA, we can realize same kind of revolution, then the outcome goes beyond the art world, affecting the whole society. And, I believe that we can make a revolution similar to Molecular Biology. I would like to shoulder one part of it through my Space Dance.

1953年にDNAの遺伝子モデルが二重螺旋構造である事が明らかにされて以来、分子生物学は大きな発展を遂げ、私たちの世界に偉大な貢献をもたらすようになった。私は、もし身体と環境の間で交わされている親密な、そして謎に満ちた関係をDNA のような「見える情報」として表現できるなら、その成果はアートの世界を超え、社会全体に影響を与えるものとなり、分子生物学と同様な革命を起こすことができると信じている。私はスペースダンスを通してその一端を担いたい。


Butoh is a “Step from Within”.


Butoh is “Self-Realization” through the body of the individual, direct, and original dance technique.


Butoh is “Recovery of the Wild in Mankind” and “Rebirth of the Intoxicated Body” somehow lost in the contemporary world.


Butoh is an art that promotes us growth, and keep “Age-worthy Flower” blossoming continuously. Like “Flower of Noh”, in Butoh we have “Aged Flower” and “Secret Flower”, we can create the beauty year by year beyond our age.



In 2001 when I performed at the United Nations in New York and in Istanbul supported by Japanese Government I could start the original form of Space Dance based on Butoh through my epochal experiences by the meeting with Shusaku Arakawa and the Theory of Affordance by James Gibson.


The essence of Space Dance is “How to recover the lost memories?”, “How to express the Tacit Knowledge?”, and various “Fruits called Design” through “Digitization of Tacit Knowledge”.



In Space Dance, the body is not a tool for expressing a “Story“, the body is a “Story”.


In any time the “Excellent Dancer” in the world keeps a special ability to “Dance with a technique to organize the body as the object“. In Space Dance we study this technique. Then we try to recover the lost memories through our dance movements and we accumulate its result as “Tacit Knowledge” about the body.


In this time when we dance together with the earth we can recognize some strange new feeling happen around the temporal lobe and vertex lobe of “Brain“. Why? Because it is a first experience for the brain to move the body by such a strange new way.


In order to do a first task our brain also had to acquire a new ability. Its experience will be an experience just like a dancer looks for the universe as dancer’s “Second Body” through the earth, as if a blind person looks for the ground as his “Second Body” through his beloved stick.


Our brain keeps all memories about all life on our earth. Because our brain into the Mother’s womb during 10 months grow up through the process of evolution of the brain from the beginning to today’s human brain. So, in our dance movements too, sometime we can find “Other strange movements than human movements”.


So, in Space Dance when we try to dance to organize our body as the object we can touch several “Forgotten Memories” sometimes with a wave motion of the internal organs, sometimes with a sound of the bone, and sometimes with an excitement of the nerve. In that time we can feel a new feeling in our brain, then under this influence we can dance with the inexperienced movements by chance. In short we can stimulate several “Forgotten Memories“.


“Forgotten Memories” wake up a strong nostalgia in our mind. And this nostalgia gives new energy to us. Then we understand “Unknown Movement’s World” exists behind our usual human’s movements.


This energy is infinite, it continue our dance without end. When we dig up “Forgotten Memories” we can organize the “Unexpected Movements” based on each memories. We shake with its freshness and we are amazed to ourselves. Then, we start to talk a “New story beyond the human’s drama.”


Usually, very soon, we feel tired in our movements without this energy. But when we house this energy we get the lasting energy from the circulation between the body and the ground, then it arise like the growth of a snowball on the slope with heavy snow. We never feel tired.


Like that, in Space Dance we dig up “Forgotten Memories” and we expand “Unknown Movement’s World”, then we try to express its process as “History of Posture’s Evolution” including Fish, Amphibian, Quadruped Animal, Bird, and Monkey.


Why the expression of “History of Posture’s Evolution” is important for Space Dance? Because the purpose of Space Dance is the looking back on the past of all life, then it is the creation for “Body of Future” as a return from its retrospection.

なぜ「姿勢の進化史」として表現することが重要なのか? それはスペースダンスが、ヒトの起源について回想すると共に、その回想からのリターンとして、ヒトの「身体の未来」をデザインすることを目的としているからである。

In Space Dance we make a visualization of “History of Posture’s Evolution” as the image. And we express “Tacit Knowledge about Unknown Movement’s World” as the information using by information technology. Finally, we try to make several designs through the Tacit Knowledge for the new body, the new object, and the new space.


Then, Space Dance is very different from usual dance, Space Dance will be a work of “Design after Dance“.


Tana, Resident in Surplus Dimension / 異界の住人・タナ








「これまで疎遠だった現実との関係を回復したいと思います。世界の宗教が力を持っていた時代には、この世とあの世の交流は活発でした。しかし、現在では、そうではありません。ところが、人類はいま宇宙に出て行くことを計画しています。しかし、動物に深い愛情を示すあなたには理解してもらえると思いますが、人類とは、現実の生きた人間たちのことだけではありません。私たち死者もまた記憶のなかの人類として存在し、死者もまた夢を見ています。生きた人間たちが宇宙に行きたいと願うのは、私たちの夢にも影響されているのです。彼らが宇宙に行くなら、私たちも宇宙に行く必要があります。人類の進化を彼らだけに任せるわけには行きません。彼らが滅べば、私たちもその影響を受けて滅ぶことになります。 あなたもご存知のように、彼らの宇宙についての計画は、全体としては必ずしもよいとは言えませんので」。