Affinity / 親和性

Affinity / 親和性


Every night many people see a “Dream of Flying in the Sky“. Me too, in my childhood I have seen it. In the past life I felt I was a mermaid, a wolf, and a bird finally. Now, in my dream I am fling in the sky as a bird. So, a “Sign of Bird” is left on my back.



I became a new. When I looked at my face in the mirror, there was a new face I had never seen. Somehow I felt nostalgic with this face. Just now, I live in my usual word and I also live in Elena’s world same time, I could start the surprising and unexpected life. My life change with a big scale.



My work is to realize the emigration to the universe together with Elena in order to not repeat the mistakes of earth culture. Also, in order to recognize one fact more exactly that in our humans world also dead people, lost animals, and alien live together, and
they want to get their own growth.



Elena taught me about several interesting points of “Surplus Dimension”. The structure of the “Surplus Dimension” is unique, and countless worlds coexist here. But, the materials constituting one world and the materials constituting other world are different completely, so there is no contact between 2 worlds, any war and any conflict can’t happen there. The progress of one world will not be hindered by the trend of other worlds. Also, for every worlds, even if they fail, if they wish, they can start again from the beginning.


My soul and Elena’s soul resonated with a beautiful link called “Reincarnation“. Every time when we moved through many planets, we died once, and we revived again, then we met again. I and Elena brought up many children and we formed “Big Family” together with many children and friends. Now, finally, we could start on a trip to the end of the universe. Elena is siging with a pleasure, “Hi, Here, we have such the encounters, and we have such the happenings“.