SPACE DANCE PROJECT” is a project pursuing a new dance expression, as well as a project to create a design after a dance with the concept of “DANCE & DESIGN“.

In our modern world where we advance into the Space Era and progress as an extreme Information Society, it is inevitable that the “Physical Experience” will be lack in both the adults world and the children’s world, so we think that at the various aspects a “New Experiment and New Design based on Body” will be needed. And we plan to open “SPACE MUSEUM” to promote these experiences and designs.

We started to create several contents for “SPACE MUSEUM” and we will present its results at “SD-School“, “SD-Museum“, and at other networks. Then we will hold “SPACE DANCE DESIGN PRESENTATION 2020” in Tokyo on June and after this event we will begin the opening campaign for “SPACE MUSEUM” in earnest.

◎Yuichi Takayanagi Director of Tama-Rokuto
Science Center, Ex-Commentator of NHK TV

          “GPS, meteorological satellite, broadcasting satellite · · ·. For us who live in the ocean of countless information, opportunities to conscious of the workings of sensibility directly knowing the environment in the body are rapidly decreasing, and opportunities to feel conscious of the work of sensitivity to human beings becomes precious as much There. The experience of self-awareness of the world with Space Tube and the attempt to express it through the whole body must be an adventure to revive the sensitivity that is buried under consciousness and to know the new world that can be shared by the group. I would like to encourage many of you to experience Space Tube.”

On 2013-2018 we hold SPACE DANCE PROJECT at several museums, science museums, theaters, commercial facilities, universities, primary schools, and kinder gardens in inside and outside, and almost 400,000 adults and kids come to this project and enjoyed it. In order to develop this possibility and open “SPACE MUSEUM” at each cities in the world, we are preparing the following projects based on “EXHIBITION for SPACE TUBE EXPERIENCE“;








If you are intersted to hold one of these projects, please contact with us;

Tetsuro Fukuhara (Director of Tokyo Space Dance);  jv4t-fkhr@asahi-net.or.jp


Press Release

Tetsuro Fukuhara’s “VISION of BODY” was published as English & Polish version by Pompka Foundation at the end of August 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. This book inspires timeless, creative exploration across the borders.This book is a futuristic vision of human being seen from Butoh Space Dance perspective.

In this book Fukuhara  proposes towards artists, designers and scientists to collaborate the research and the development depend on one important point believing that the “Tacit Knowledge” hidden in the human’s bodies can strongly influence further New Culture Develoment, Environment Development, AI Development,  Robotics development, and Space Development.

Masato Sasaki  “Dance is…”
Professor of The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Education in Tokyo, Japan

Dance is an exploration of expressions connecting the universe and the ground. Tatsumi Hijikata finished the first step, Tetsuro Fukuhara is doing the second step.

To commemorate the publication Fukuhara hold a lecture “APAROS – AI Robot as My Alter Ego” and a project “SPACE DANCE in the TUBE” at Kopernik Science Center in Warsaw on September 27.

If you want to buy this book please contact with Anita Zdrojewska;

Anita Zdrojewska; azdrojewska@publink.com.pl

[Profile of Tetsuro Fukuhara & Tokyo Space Dance]

Tetsuro Fukuhara is CEO of Space Museum Corp. and Director of Tokyo Space Dance, choreographer, writer, and photographer. 2000 – 2003, His appearances at many international cultural events such as “Space Dance Performance and Lecture” at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory in Boston, at the United Nations in New York, and others around the world. 2004-2006, he began a study in Tokyo with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA). 2006, “Space Dance in the Robotic Universe” was one of twenty performances short-listed by an international jury for the Unesco Digital Arts award. 2008, he published a book “Space Dance” by Shunjusha Publishing Company in Tokyo. From 2009 he hold “Space Dance in the Tube” in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South-Middle-North America, and in Japan. 2013-2018, at Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center, Nagoya Dome, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, LaNaNa, Eskisehir Science Center, Cer Modern Museum, Baza Theatre, Theatre Institute, SESC Museum, Niigata Creative Center, Warsaw University, Manggha Museum, Tama-Rokuto Science Center he hold “Space Dance in the Tube”, 410,000 audiences come to this project and enjoyed a Space Tube and Space Dance Performance. On August 2018, he published “VISION of BODY” and on September he presented “APAROS – AI Robot as My Alter Ego” at Koperink Science Center in Warsaw, Poland. On August 3 & 4 2019 he hold “Kids Space Dance – Space Tunnel” in Kyoto supported by INAMORI FOUNDATION and NHK Educational, 7,500 people enjoyed Space Tube Experience during 2 days.


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